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WedsSport - TC105X -17×9 +25 - 5×114.3 - EJ Titan

WedsSport - TC105X -17×9 +25 - 5×114.3 - EJ Titan

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WedsSport : TC105X
Size : 17 × 9
Offset : +25 
PCD : 5×114.3 
Colour : EJ Titan
Quantity : 4 Wheels

Centre Caps at additional cost.

•73mm centre bore
•Supplied complete with valve stems
•Weight 7.31kg
•Made in Japan

Introducing the pinnacle of Light Weight Cast Wheel Technology, TC105X. The new WedsSport TC105X is the redesign of the popular TC105N. Weds revamped the strength and weight savings to make the TC105X the “super star” among its class.

N-Frame structure:
The TC105X’s revised N-Frame structure includes a larger, more raised reinforcement along the side of the spoke with a peak where the structure ends. This has the effect of increasing spoke rigidity and structural strength in an area where impact stress on the edge of the barrel is channeled.

Spoke Side-Mill Cut:
A technology first introduced on the WedsSport SA-55M, the TC105X features large side mill cuts on the spoke window next to the N-Frame. Not only does the side mill cut allow us to shed unnecessary weight, it also allows us to increase the surface area of the spoke. In comparison, the TC105N has a flat spoke profile on the neighboring window of the N-Frame.

Advanced barrel profile:
As a wheel’s barrel acts as a connecting bridge between the face and rear of the rim, it plays a crucial role in a wheel’s integrity. If the barrel is too thick, it will add too much weight and disrupt the balance of the wheel; if the barrel is too thin, it is prone to damage from hard knocks, vibration and deflection. WEDS has carried the AMF (Advanced Metal Forming) manufacturing method over to the TC105X. The updated barrel profile of the TC105X features a drop-center similar to the newer WedsSport SA series. This new drop center acts as a reinforcement for the face of the wheel when the car is cornering hard. The anti-slip grooving returns on the TC105X, helping the wheel stay beaded in situations where the wheel and tire experience high amounts of stress.

Modified Flanges, front and rear:
As both the front and rear flanges are the furthest leading edges on the TC105X and are thus subjected to many types of abuse, they were also revised. The front flange was flattened, and the rear flange was greatly thickened. This all falls in line with WEDS’s goal of producing a wheel for larger, more powerful cars.

Trimmed weight behind the spokes:
Further weight reduction on the back of the spokes shows our commitment to weight reduction, no matter how big or small.

Reinforced center area:
The center hub area with its signature “drop” area has been raised towards the edge of the face, increasing the surface area and reinforcing the face in comparison to the TC105N’s flat region.


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