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Valen - Baffled Oil Catch Can - 3 Port

Valen - Baffled Oil Catch Can - 3 Port

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Introducing the all new Valen Baffled Catch Can!

Designed and engineered to efficiently capture excessive oil and minimise the engine from increased levels of crankcase engine blow-by, which is most commonly an occurrence from a high performing or aggressively driven vehicle.

Our directive flow design, excessive oil/air mixture enters the catch can via a divider plate, pushing the moisture downward and where the oil will be collected and the baffle plate will allow clean air to raise up through the top port of the catch can.

A major requirement to fulfil with this construction, was to keep it fully serviceable with every component being a must. As shown in the photos, this can be completely stripped down, to be washed and cleaned at any given time.

One other key feature was to implement a dip stick that would be available and would be a screw in type dip stick to enable easy access and will be completely secure whilst its activate in the engine bay. This catch can also has an easy to access drain in hex plug which is accessible at the bottom of the catch can.

Finally, keeping in mind that these catch cans need to be universal for all vehicles was a must. Our custom designed slotted bracket is laser cut allowing the catch can to be mounted in any direction required, with a reverse flippable 90 degree bend to mount anywhere in your engine bay.



  • Billet T6061 Aluminium Construction (Black Anodised Coating Housing and Bracket)
  • Stainless Steel Deflector Plate and Baffle Plate
  • Stainless Steel Dip Stick with screw style Billet Aluminium Cap
  • Metric Banjo Bolt to Barb Banjo Fitting Size - 1/2 inch
  • Metric O-Ring Port to Barb Fitting Size - 1/2 inch
  • Billet Black Anodised In Hex Block Plug
  • Billet Black Anodised In Hex Drain Plug 
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