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Ryder Racing

Ryder Racing - Subaru Fuel Pump Hardwire kit TXL heavy gauge - V3 Pre connected 40amp relay

Ryder Racing - Subaru Fuel Pump Hardwire kit TXL heavy gauge - V3 Pre connected 40amp relay

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Subaru WRX, STI, LGT, FXT Fuel Pump TXL heavy  gauge hard wire kit Version 3

Have you upgraded your fuel pump and injectors to high flowing items, but forget to upgrade the wiring? As your pump is now flowing more volume at a faster rate, the current draw has also increased which can cause voltage drops throughout the factory   wiring due to the larger AMPS that are being drawn through the factory incorrect wiring. This also causes your new high flowing pump to flow less capacity than it is rated for. Ryder Racing has a complete kit to get that pump running at its maximum duty cycle. Unlike the competitors we don't just use the generic cookie cutter AWG able, or speaker cable which isn't true AWG automotive cabling.

The Ryder Racing Fuel Pump Hard Wire Kit uses Mil Spec TXL cross-link wire which is oil, acid and water proof, operating in temperatures from subzero up to 125°C. TXL is lighter than factory wire and uses a smaller but stronger sheath which causes less voltage drop. TXL uses 100% copper wire unlike competitor products that have additional aluminium which reduces the current rating. The relay is a 40 amp sealed water resistant unit, prewire built in 40amp fuse making the kit even easier to install and a stable relay holder so it can be mounted anywhere. In the event you blow a fuse they are accessible at any auto store and even some petrol stations.

Ryder Racing has made this kit as easy as possible to install by label printing the wires to streamline the installation even further. See our tech page for generic wire diagrams for installation. The relay comes crimped from the cradle with no soldered pigtails unlike all the competitors which minimizes additional work to be done and inferior connections. Perfect for any workshop doing fuel pump upgrades as there is only 1 connection to be completed.

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