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STi - Inner Door Protector - WRX (VB 22+)

STi - Inner Door Protector - WRX (VB 22+)

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The inner part of the door can become scratched or dirty when shoes or bags contact the area as passengers get in and out of the vehicle. In order to avoid this, this protector is recommended.
In addition to its protective qualities, this product can also enhance the interior atmosphere with its sporty look.
The quality of this protector is guaranteed as it uses the same material as the popular product "Door Handle Protector".
By utilizing a thicker PVC material, this product is more durable than sticker-type protectors and is difficult to come off due to a strong-adhesive sheet used on its sticky side.


  • Black finish
  • Subtle STI logo
  • Includes (4) pieces 
  • Protects front and rear inner door areas
  • Simple peel and stick installation
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