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Stance Parts - Air Cups - Complete Front + Rear Kit

Stance Parts - Air Cups - Complete Front + Rear Kit

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A perfect combination of airride and coilovers. With air cups you keep the ride quality and performance of your coilovers, but also have the ability to raise your car with the push of a button.

The air cup lift system will fit on 90% of any brand coilovers. Your coilover must meet a certain dimensional requirement, otherwise the system will not fit.

The air cups will fit any brand coilovers, as long as they meet the requirements, The air cups can only be installed on linear springs, it will not fit on ‘’shaped’’ springs

The air cup will take between 20 and 30mm of height. The air cup itself is 20mm thick and with most coilovers the top hat comes on top of the air cup, this will take around 10mm. If there is enough thread left on the coilovers to lower the springs, it won’t be a problem. If not, you will need to install shorter spring

Make sure you have enough clearance around the coilovers, the air cups are 120mm in diameter, the fitting is 17mm. (110mm air cups available on request)


  • Max total car weight: 2000 kg / 4400 lbs
  • (Limited for 40- 45mm cups: 1750 kg / 3850 lbs)
  • Maximum outer diameter: 99mm.
    Minimum inner diameter: 61mm. (57mm on request)
  • Air cups are available for coilover shaft diameters: 12,5mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 40mm, 44mm and 45mm.

Can I drive pressurized ? (lifted)

You can drive pressurized (lifted) for a longer time, for example on bad roads, but the system is not designed to drive it constantly pressurized.

Max speed while driving pressurized is 60 kmh / 40mph.


Will it fit my coilovers?

We unfortunately can't tell you, each coilover brand and type can use different sizes, car specific.

Measure it yourself with a caliper and you're 100% sure. More info on the fitment page.


Instant lift with 2 gallon tank.

This kit includes everything you need to install the air cup lift system:
• 4 air cups
• 12 meters airline
• 3 t-splitters
• 2x 12v 3-way valve
• Pre-wired 16mm LED switch (1 switch, operate front + rear at the same time)
• Complete VIAIR compressor kit with 2 gallon tank.
• Connecting material
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