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Ryder Racing

Ryder Racing - Bulkhead Fuel Pump Terminal and Ground Pigtail Kit

Ryder Racing - Bulkhead Fuel Pump Terminal and Ground Pigtail Kit

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The Ryder Racing submersible electric bulkhead terminal is used when power needs to be passed through an external plate to power a submerged fuel pump. These terminals are fuel safe including E85 and terminals are stainless steel with a hex drive for easy installation. They are equipped with Viton o-rings for an exceptional seal and are perfect to pass power through a fuel tank hat to power fuel pumps.

They are designed to go through 1.4mm to 5mm plates and carry 0 - 40AMP per terminal (subject to wiring), you will require a 6mm and 8mmrill to fit them.

Have you upgraded your fuel pump and injectors to high flowing items, but forget to upgrade the wiring? As your pump is now flowing more volume at a faster rate, the current draw has also increased, which can cause voltage drops throughout the factory wiring as a result of the larger AMPS being drawn through the now incorrect wiring size. This also causes your new high flowing pump to flow less capacity than it is rated for. Ryder Racing has a complete bulkhead terminal and pigtail kit to get that pump running at its maximum duty cycle. Unlike the competitors we don't just use the generic cookie cutter AWG able, or speaker cable which isn't true AWG cabling.

The Ryder Racing Fuel Pump Pigtail Plug and Play uses Mil Spec TXL cross-link wire which is oil, acid and water proof, operating in temperatures from subzero up to 125°C. TXL is lighter than factory wire and uses a smaller but stronger sheath which causes less voltage drop. TXL uses 100% copper wire unlike competitor products that have additional aluminum which reduces the current rating. The pigtail kit includes a fitted high temp ring terminal designed as the new ground (BLACK), this connects from the pump ground to the inside of the bulkhead terminal. A second pigtail (BLACK) has fitted ring terminal which connects to the external bulkhead, the other end will go through the steel cover plate via supplied grommet and you will then fit the remaining ring terminal. This terminal goes to chassis ground. A small 12V (RED) pigtail has a fitted ring terminal which bolts to the inside bulkhead 12V supply, the other end of this attaches to the pump. This now comes fully assembled with a new plug designed to fit all Walrbo and DeatschWerks pumps

Connections can all be completed using the supplied barrel splice terminals and Raychem DR25 heat shrink. Ryder Racing has made this kit as easy as possible to install by label printing the wires to streamline the installation even further. See our tech page for generic wire diagrams for the installation.

Kit contains:

  • 2 x Stainless Steel M6 Stud
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Nyloc Nuts
  • 8 x Stainless Steel Washers
  • 4 x Plastic Insulators
  • 4 x Viton O-Rings
  • 0.2m X Red 12 AWG TXL wire (connected to fuel pump plug)
  • 1m X Black 12 AWG TXL wire
  • 0.2m X Black 12 AWG TXL wire (connected to fuel pump plug)
  • 1 x additional high temp ring terminal
  • 2 x Barrel splice joining kits

Suits all vehicles, capable of 40AMP supply

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