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Ryco - Cabin Filter - RCA196M (N99) (Forester 03-07)

Ryco - Cabin Filter - RCA196M (N99) (Forester 03-07)

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The ultimate in vehicle interior air filtration.

The biggest threat to safe breathing inside your vehicle can be 40 times smaller than the width of a human hair. A Ryco MicroShield® N99 Cabin Air Filter is the ultimate assurance of healthier breathing inside your vehicle for you and your family. Only a Ryco MicroShield Cabin Air Filter can stop these miniscule pollutants in their tracks by filtering out particles of 0.3 microns or less it can stop viral and bacterial contaminants.

The MicroShield® range of cabin air filter media is constructed from three layers - a pre-filter with anti-bacterial agent, an anti-odour activated charcoal layer, and an electrostatically-charged layer capable of 0.3 micron filtration - designed to keep you safe from the tiniest particles with an N99 protection rating.

Cleaner Breathing

Offers protection from respirable particles that lead to respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, fatigue and giddiness.

Allergy Protection

Protects vehicle occupants from allergy causing particles such as pollens, fungus spores, dirt, dust and bacteria.

Cleaner Vehicle Interior

Filters out dirt and dust, which build up on the vehicles interior surfaces.

Absorbs Odours

Protects vehicle occupants from harmful gases such as exhaust and ozone. Filters out noxious odours. Applies to Activated Carbon Filters only.

Replacing Your Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters should be changed every 15,000kms or at least once a year. When the cabin air filter clogs up with dirt and other contaminants, the airflow entering the vehicle's interior is significantly reduced. Over time, the clogged filter can lead to musty odours as well as decreasing the HVAC's performance.

Where to Locate the Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters are generally located under the bonnet or in through the glove box, as pictured above. Ryco Cabin Air Filters improve the ambient quality of air circulating inside your vehicle, whilst providing comfort and protection.


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