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Radium - 6AN Flex Kit Fuel Plumbing Kit Add-On

Radium - 6AN Flex Kit Fuel Plumbing Kit Add-On

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Note: Ethanol Sensor Not Included. Only compatible with Radium PTFE fuel hose.


Adding a Ethanol Flex Fuel sensor to your Radium PTFE Fuel Plumbing kit? 

This kit includes 3/8" SAE EFI fuel fittings which convert your Flex Sensor to universal 6AN Male Flare fittings. From there you can integrate this sensor into your existing 6AN fuel plumbing. From there you can attach your desired hose end to your existing Radium 6AN PTFE hose to finish the installtion. This kit includes 2 x Straight and 2 x 90-Degree hose ends so you can select the appropriate angle for your setup.

These hose ends are specific to PTFE hose and cannot be used with rubber hose. Each fitting is machined from aluminum and anodized black. Internal O-rings permit swivelling.

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