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PSR/Raceworks/Zeitronix Flex Fuel Kit w/Pushlock Hose - STi (01-20) (OEM Fuel Setup)

PSR/Raceworks/Zeitronix Flex Fuel Kit w/Pushlock Hose - STi (01-20) (OEM Fuel Setup)

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NOTE - Suits factory fuel rail plumbing with OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator.

Pro Speed Racing now offer flex fuel packages including the Zeitronix ECA2 kit with quality Raceworks 5/16" Pushlock rubber hose and fittings. Also included is the PSR Plug and Play ECA Harness which deletes the rear O2 sensor and uses its ECU input for easy setup. (Tuning required).

The Zeitronix ECA2 (Ethanol Content Analyser) kit includes a Flow Through Flex Fuel Sensor, the Ethanol Content Analyser module and an ECA Harness. E85 has the equivalent octane rating of 105 or higher octane fuel.  Higher octane fuel is more resistant to knock allowing for more aggressive ignition timing, higher compression and increased engine power over gasoline itself. The ethanol content of E85 fuel can vary from 60% to 92% ethanol. A fill up with E85 can drastically change the mix of fuel in your vehicle.  For performance drivers determining actual ethanol content of E85 is essential to maximizing an engine tune and horsepower.

The Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyser helps you get the most out of your engine and fuel by measuring the actual ethanol content so the ECU can run the vehicle safely no matter the ethanol content*. (*Tuning required)

ECA2 Features:

  • Two 0-5 V analog outputs: Ethanol % and Fuel Temperature for use with ECUs, data logging and engine management systems.
  • Connecting harness to Zeitronix Flow Through FLEX Fuel Sensor is included. Harness length is 8 ft (2.4m)
  • Optional real time E% Ethanol Content Gauge (RED) .
  • The E%  gauge is only 3/4" (19mm) thick. The back of the gauge is completely flat with cable hidden in a cavity and can be surface mounted almost anywhere inside the car cabin using a piece of Velcro or double sided tape. The E% Gauge base allows the gauge to be mounted in a standard 2” 1/16 (52mm) gauge pod. For additional mounting options the package includes 2 set screws and 2 nuts (4-40 screw size). Check out the gallery for gauge installation pictures.
  • The E% Gauge plugs into the ECA-2 GAUGE port. Power and serial data is supplied directly through the single connection - there are no additional +12V or ground wires. The E% Gauge cable length is 5 ft (1.5m).
  • ECA-2 dimensions: 3" x 2" x 1" (76mm x 50mm x 25mm)
  • Made in the USA!


This kit incorporates the Raceworks 400 Series Rubber Hose has an inner liner of Nitrile which is reinforced with braid made from high tensile synthetic textile cord to give it extra strength. Raceworks 400 Series rubber hose is safe for use with E85, methanol, oils, lubricants and coolant. Recommended for use on low pressure systems/temperature applications. If using in high pressure or temperature above 70°C we recommend securing hose ends with a clamp. All Raceworks products come with a 2 year warranty.

Hose is not submersible.

Temperature Range: -40°C to 100°C. Ethanol & Methanol Safe.


Important Notes:

  • Picture shows rough plumbing layout only. Actual layout will depend on engine bay components and personal taste.
  • Kit includes unassembled hose and fittings which will require cutting and assembling. Additional tools/supplies may be required. This allows user to decide optimal hose lengths and routing.
  • Suits factory fuel rail plumbing with OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • OEM FPR has a simple clamp-on fuel hose between it and the fuel return line which will be reused. Cut off the OEM quick connect fitting from this fuel line and connect the exposed hose to the supplied barbed quick connect fitting for the ECA sensor, or purchase new 5/16" rubber fuel hose to run between.
  • Tuning is required to correct rear O2 sensor CEL.
  • Ethanol Sensor will require a custom mounting solution and a suitable location.
  • This kit is designed to adapt to SAE Quick Connect EFI fittings only. Please check engine bay feed/return lines and compare with the second photo on listing to determine compatibility.


Hose Specifications:

  • Size: 5AN
  • Operating Pressure: 250psi
  • Burst Pressure: 750psi   
  • Inside DIA. Inch: 5/16”
  • Inside DIA. MM: 7.9mm
  • Outside DIA. Inch: 9/16”  
  • Outside DIA. MM: 14.2mm
  • Weight Grams per Metre: 140g 
  • Bend Radius Inch: 1.38"
  • Bend Radius MM: 35mm


Kit Includes:

  • Zeitronix ECA2 Ethanol Content Analyser
  • 1 Metre Raceworks 400 Series Pushlock Hose
  • Raceworks SAE Quick Connect EFI to Barb Fittings
  • Hose Clamps
  • PSR ECA Plug and Play Harness
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