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PSR - Silicon Inlet - Black (Forester 01-02)

PSR - Silicon Inlet - Black (Forester 01-02)

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PSR Silicon inlets are one of the leading inlets on the market. Known for one of the best Flowing, Strongest and best fitting Inlets around. We have been selling the PSR Inlets for over 7 years and we continually are striving to improve the characteristics and performance.  PSR Inlets all come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and Guaranteed never to suck in or fail/split. All fitting are now made from BRASS which improves flow and strength. 5 PLY SIlicon, Reinforcement wire internally and extra reinforcement around the known areas where other inlets fail. We have sold over 1500 of these over 7 years and we are proud to still have a 0% fail rate. On the WRX/STIs we have seen an improvement of 10kw just by adding a silicon inlet

  • Life Time Warranty
  • USA and GERMAN Made Silicon
  • 0% fail rate.
  • Gaurenteed Not to fail or split.
  • Number 1 Inlet on the market.

We will stand by our Inlet. This is NOT THE SAME INLETS AS SEEN ON EBAY

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