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Torque Solution

Torque Solutions - Longer Exhaust Mount Hangers 12mm (Long)

Torque Solutions - Longer Exhaust Mount Hangers 12mm (Long)

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If you had just upgraded your exhaust system, or are just tired of your factory exhaust systems swaying from side to side, then the Torque Solutions 15mm exhaust hangers will completely eliminate this problem. The Torque Solutions 12mm exhaust hangers are made out of robust polyurethane that will last a much longer life over the factory exhaust hangers.
These are computer designed, and analyzed to allow very little movement while retaining the stock location, size, and length.

These Torque Solutions Exhaust Hangers were computer designed and analyzed to allow minimum movement, while retaining the stock location and size and length.


    - 12mm holes

    - 60mm hanger hole distance


    Please confirm that your hangers are 12mm.


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