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IAG Performance - ARP 14mm Head Stud Set

IAG Performance - ARP 14mm Head Stud Set

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IAG's / ARP 14mm Head Stud Set is designed for use on high horsepower Subaru engines. The larger size of the stud increases its load capacity which in turn helps to prevent the cylinder head from lifting and creating head gasket failures. The oversized head studs require drilling and tapping the case as well as splitting the locating dowels to accept the larger studs. In addition, the cylinder head will also require the head stud hole clearances enlarged to accept the studs.


Set Includes:

  • (x12) ARP2000 14mm x 1.5mm Head Studs
  • (x12) ARP Washers
  • (x12) ARP Nuts
  • (x1) ARP Fastener Assembly Lube

Install Requirements:

  • Use head gaskets with 14mm stud provisions or drill head gaskets to clear the larger 14mm head studs for fitment
  • Splitting the OEM locating dowels
  • Drilling and tapping the engine case
  • Drilling out the cylinder head stud holes for 14mm stud clearance


Vehicle Fitment:

  • 1994-2000 Subaru WRX
  • 2001-2007 Subaru WRX
  • 2008-2014 Subaru WRX
  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX
  • 1994-2000 Subaru STI
  • 2001-2007 Subaru STI
  • 2008-2014 Subaru STI
  • 2015-2020 Subaru STI
  • 1997-2002 Subaru Forester GT
  • 2003-2008 Subaru Forester XT
  • 2008-2013 Subaru Forester XT
  • 1989-1993 Subaru Liberty RS
  • 1993-1997 Subaru Liberty RS
  • 1998-2003 Subaru Liberty B4
  • 2004-2009 Subaru Liberty GT

* Studs can be used on Subaru EJ25, FA20 DIT and 2.0L EJ20 Engines.

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