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Dixcel - M TYPE Brake Pads - Front (STi 01-17)

Dixcel - M TYPE Brake Pads - Front (STi 01-17)

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Street-use brake pads with ultra low brake dust

  • Significant reduction of brake dust without sacrificing stopping power!
  • Superior brake control made possible by a stable operating friction level
  • Braking power that is NOT abrupt; Braking power that is proportional to brake pedal pressure, allowing smooth braking, and a nice ride for the passengers.
  • Designed to minimize disc wear, to help prolong the life of the disc
Friction Materials Non steel.Ceramic fiber
Effective Temperature Range 0~500°C
Applicable Stages Fast road

M type is suitable only for fast road use. For circuit use, please apply Z or R series types. In the case of on road circuit use and caused early wear etc. We are totally not responsible. Please note this beforehand.

  • The above chart represents evaluation values of our product in 100 phases in comparison with genuine pads of the test model. Values of genuine pads show 50.
  • Above values are calculated under test condition. Values of Durability and Disc life are subject to change by continuous use under low temperature (generally less than 150 degrees Celsius). Values of Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust are calculated after a thermal history goes (not under brand-new condition).
  • All about brake dust

    Please take a look at the comparison images of the two wheels. Clearly, the car using the M-type has little brake dust on the wheel.
    The benefit of the M-type is not just being freed from constant cleaning of the wheels. Most brake dust is not from brake pad shavings, but shavings from the brake disc. The M-type brake pads have low brake dust, meaning the pads are shaving off less from the brake disc. This leads to the prolonging of the life of the brake discs. The characteristic of metal shavings (dust) is its vulnerability to humidity; humidity corrodes the metal shavings. So without the proper maintenance, the metal shavings can cause the wheels to corrode.

    With the M-type brake pads with minimal brake dust, there is no need for the frequent cleaning of wheels.

    Please experience for yourself the superior brake performance that the OEM pads lack with the ultra low brake dust M-type brake pads.

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