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BPP Internal Wastegate Lockout Bracket

BPP Internal Wastegate Lockout Bracket

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Looking to remove your internal wastegate actuator for an external wastegate? Look no further, Boosted Performance Parts have designed an easy to install internal wastegate bracket to fit most turbos, with the option to go back to the IWG actuator if desired.
This bracket will allow you to seal tight the turbo wastegate flap using an adjustable rod linkage, meaning no more welding turbos shut!

- Stainless Steel Construction
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Tested up to 45psi

- 1x Adjustable Internal Wastegate Bracket
- 1x Hardware Kit

- Universal Fitment

- TD04

- TD05

- Blouch 1.5XTR, 2.5XTR, 3.0XTR

- Mamba TD04, TD05, GTX28, GTX30

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