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Ryder Racing

Ryder Racing - 718 Series Subaru 14mm Head Stud Kit for the EJ engines

Ryder Racing - 718 Series Subaru 14mm Head Stud Kit for the EJ engines

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Ryder Racing™ 718 Series™ Subaru 14mm Head Stud Kit for the EJ series engine

Ryder Racing™ 718 Series™ Head Studs are heated and cooled in controlled atmospheric conditions where the process is repeated until ultimate tensile strength is achieved, this process is called "aging". We carry this out before any machine work has commenced, this provides maximum strength in the threads and steel. To do this we use nitrogen where other use water to cool our studs down, this keeps consistency during the cooling process as they are heated and cooled for minimum 18 hours. Ryder Racing studs are thread rolled for additional pull-out thread stripping resistance of 300 KN. We use an electro-spark technique to make a 5mm broach in the thread of each shaft which makes the installation even easier.

Ryder Racing 14mm head studs are true 14mm in diameter unlike our competitors who use undercut shafts with a 14x1.75 block engagement and 14x1.5 custom 12 point flange nut takes care of business at the other end. Ryder Racing uses new head dowels as a result of there true size (sold separately), so next time you're shopping for 14mm head studs see if they require machine work. If they don't is likely you're buying an inferior product that has incredibly thin material which defeats the purpose of the dowel. Our 14mm studs also feature dog point engagement tips which aligns the thread perfectly and reduce the chance of any cross threading. We then laser etch our Trademark logo on the side to ensure authenticity which also has a an aluminum etched serial number to trace your studs anytime or place. After all the processes are complete we completely coat the studs in Titanium Nitrate Coating which has a hardness of 62HRC on the Rockwell scale. This coating provides two functions, 1) prevents any impurities getting into the steel so gloves are a thing of the past! 2) Proved longer liofe on the threads so the studs can be used time and time again.


Kit contains:

· Aluminium Ryder Racing 718 Series lable

· 12 x 14mm 718 Series™ head studs

· 12 x 3mm washers

· 12 x 12 point flange nuts

· 1 x Ryder Racing Assembly lube

· 1 x Instructions

Suits Subaru All EJ series engines EJ20, EJ22, EJ25




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