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Ryder Racing

Ryder Racing - 14mm Head Stud Dowel Kit Subaru

Ryder Racing - 14mm Head Stud Dowel Kit Subaru

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Ryder Racing™ Head Stud Dowel Kit Subaru EJ series Engines.

The Ryder Racing Head Stud Dowel kit has been specifically designed for the 718 Series™ 14mm Head Stud Kits, due to the true nature of this larger 14mm diameter they require a larger head dowel. Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel they are completely rust free and with a beveled edge makes for easy installation, they are essential for upgrading your head studs to 14mm.

The 316 stainless steel head dowel kit has a thicker dowel wall and combined with 840 MPA steel strength, they assist with heads shifting under high boost applications, they're designed for all high horsepower and boost applications. The kit also features the Ryder Racing logo lasered on the side ensuring it’s a genuine product.

Kit contains:

· 8 x head stud dowels

Suits All EJ series engines

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