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PSR - G5 Titanium Wheel/Racing Nuts - Ti Finish

PSR - G5 Titanium Wheel/Racing Nuts - Ti Finish

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PSR G5 Titanium Wheel/Racing Nuts.

PSR Superlite Titanium wheel lug nuts and Titanium wheel lug bolts are not only corrosion resistant but also much stronger and 50% lighter than steel lug nuts which results in a drastic decrease in rotational mass of the wheel. Lower weight in rotating parts such as lug bolts is over 8 times more effective than in a stationary part. Hence a 5 pound reduction in rotating mass is similar to removing 40 pounds anywhere else in the car. This decrease in rotational mass results in quicker acceleration and lower fuel consumption. The weight savings when using lighter lug nuts or bolts is equivalent to the weight savings achieved when using lighter wheels. In today's high performance applications where lightweight wheels are a must, why use standard steel lug nuts when you can use stronger and lighter PSR Titanium wheel lug nuts?


  • M12 x 12.5 Pitch
  • 20 Titanium Wheel Nuts Per set 
  • Titanium Burnt Ends
  • 45mm in length (Top to bottom)
  • 17mm HEX slim shaft
  • Open Ended 
  • 60 Degree Taper
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