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Project KICS

Project KICS - Caliper 24 Wheel Nuts - Ti Finish

Project KICS - Caliper 24 Wheel Nuts - Ti Finish

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The KICS Project Heptagon Caliber 24 Lug Nuts has a titanium metal coating and theft deterrent 7-sided nuts (normal lug nuts only have 6 sides). The coating provides an amazing color, excellent corrosion resistance and increases the surface hardness.


- 7 sided heptagon lug nut for theft deterrence

- Titanium coating color for outstanding corrosion resistance

- Super forged steel (SCM435) for hardness and durability

- Super thin 24mm outside diameter seat to fit most wheels

- Total length of each lug nut is 40mm

- Comes in a pack of 20 pieces with 1 key adapter for use with 19 or 20mm socket

- Applications : Subaru

- M12x1.25mm

- Made In Japan


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