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Defi - Advance ZD - Club Sports Package - "GENUINE"

Defi - Advance ZD - Club Sports Package - "GENUINE"

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Defi's Club Sports Package for the Advance ZD display allows you to purchase a complete metering system at an affordable price. No need to purchase the display and sensors separately as the Club Sports package includes the ZD display plus sensors for oil pressure, oil temp & water temp. The Defi Advance ZD Display is a high intensity OLED monitor which will allow you to monitor several Defi sensor functions at once in an easy to read manner. With several layout options to choose from, you can tailor the displayed information just how you like. The ZD can display and monitor: water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and exhaust gas temperature. This display works in tandem with your Defi Advance BF/CR gauges or just the sensors themselves. This is a great tool for drivers who prefer to get all the information about their car in one glance opposed to several gauges in different locations.

Contents of Advance ZD Club Sports Package:

  • Advance ZD Display
  • Advance Gauge Control Unit
  • Oil Pressure Sensor Set
  • Oil Temp Sensor Set
  • Water Temp Sensor Set
  • Manual / Warranty Card

Advance ZD Features:

  • Interactive communication advanced system is implemented.
  • The display is high-brightness and high-definition OLED made by Nippon Seiki.
  • By connecting this product to the ADVANCE system, the illumination of ADVANCE BF and CR gauges is controlled automatically.
  • Time of 0-100km/h (60MPH) and 0-200km/h (100MPH) can be measured.
  • Warm-up mode is equipped to guard engine.
  • Opening and ending mode can be selected from 2 variations.
  • Self-diagnosis system detects a disconnection of wire, short circuit and communication error, and indicates the error condition.
  • Warning value can be set. The display is highlighted and buzzer sounds during warning. (The buzzer can be set ON/OFF.)
  • Data obtained during driving (including peak value and warning value) can be stored up to 3 minutes, and the data can be replayed after driving.
  • Display pattern can be selected from 4 display modes. (Maximum 6 items can be displayed all together on one GAUGE display.)
  • The display items and the layout can be changed.
  • Equipped with sequential indicator with 8 LEDs.
  • Equipped with clock and alarm functions.
  • Mounting angles are more flexible than conventional products.
  • Equipped with odometer and trip meter
  • Oil, water, and exhaust temperatures can be displayed from 0 (32).
  • Graphic animation plays during idling (Special mode).
  • Applicable number of cylinders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8

Note: ADVANCE ZD cannot display turbo boost or intake manifold pressure.

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