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DBA + Elig Front & Rear Brake Package - DBA T2 Slotted Rotors + Elig Street - Brake pads - STi VA (15-20)

DBA + Elig Front & Rear Brake Package - DBA T2 Slotted Rotors + Elig Street - Brake pads - STi VA (15-20)

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Package includes

DBA T2 Slotted brake disc rotors ( Front & Rear)

Elig Street N95B Brake pads (Front & Rear)


DBA T2 Slotted Street Series Rotors

DBA T2 Slotted brake disc rotors are ideal for fast road applications. Using many of dba's patented race technologies the T2 range of slotted rotors will provide exceptional performance with smooth and quiet braking. T2 rotors are also suitable for heavy towing applications that generate excess heat during braking.

- Kangaroo Paw 144 diamond and tear drop pillar ventilation system (Vented rotors only)
  Minimises brake fade and increases braking effectiveness
  Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation
- CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) machine turned
  Reduced DTV (Disc thickness variation) and parallelism
  Less occurrence of brake shudder or brake pedal judder.

Elig Street Brake pads

The STREET N95B brake pads are a perfect replacement for standard OEM pads. Designed for both daily street use and spirited driving, they offer increased braking performance over OEM with a greater temperature operating range.

Often cheaper to replace than OEM with low dust and virtually no noise, the STREET N95B offers fantastic value with increased performance over stock pads.


Operating temperature:

Average friction coefficient:

NAO (Non Asbestos Organic)

Suitable for:
Street / Spirited driving / Skid pan

  • OEM equivalent or better
  • Low dust and quiet braking
  • Shorter stopping distance
  • Higher braking power
  • Lower price than OEM pads
  • Made with eco friendly materials
  • Perfect fit, no adjustments required
  • Extremely gentle on rotors
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