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Ryder Racing

Ryder Racing - 718 Series Subaru 12mm Head Stud Kit for the EJ engines

Ryder Racing - 718 Series Subaru 12mm Head Stud Kit for the EJ engines

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Ryder Racing™ 718 Series™ Subaru 12mm Head Studs EJ Series Engine

Inconel 718 is a nickel-based super alloy that is well suited for applications requiring high strength in temperature ranges from cryogenic up to 1400°F (760°C). Inconel 718 also exhibits superior tensile and impact strength due to its unique composition of Ni (55%), Cr (21%), Fe (5.1%), Nb Ta (3%), Mo(3.3%), Ti (1.15%) and Al (0.8%), C (0.08%), Mn (0.35%), P (0.015%), S(0.015%), Si (0.35%), Nb (5.5%), Co (1%), B (0.006%), Cu (0.3%,) Ta (0.05%), Fe– balance.

Inconel 718 has impeccable resistance to oxidation, hydrogen embrittlement and corrosion, especially at high temperatures which are the alloy’s ideal strength range, such as atmospheres encountered in jet engines. Inconel 718 is used in all aerospace applications where it contributes to 52% of the weight of NASA’s space shuttle engines.

Ryder Racing™ 718 Series™ Head Studs are heated and cooled in controlled atmospheric conditions where the process is repeated until our ultimate tensile strength is achieved, this process is called "aging". During this process the studs are cooled using Nitrogen which provides a stable cooling climate to maintain the metal structure while they cool for hours. Ryder Racing studs are thread rolled for additional pull-out thread stripping resistance of 300 KN. These kits are designed for all high horsepower applications. 

Kit contains:

· Genuine round embossed Ryder Racing 718 Series   sticker

· 12 x 12mm 718 Series™ head studs

· 12 x Inconel washers

· 12 x Inconel 12 point flange nuts

· 1 x Ryder Racing Assembly lube

· 1 x Instructions

Suits Subaru All EJ series engines EJ20, EJ22, EJ25




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