• Cobb Tuning 4 Bar Map Sensor - STi (06-20)
  • Cobb Tuning 4 Bar Map Sensor - STi (06-20)

Cobb Tuning 4 Bar Map Sensor - STi (06-20)



CobbThe COBB Subaru 4-Bar MAP Sensor is a direct replacement of the factory piece and allows the ECU to accurately measure increased levels of boost pressure. The COBB 4-Bar MAP Sensor will allow accurate measuring at over 40 psi of boost pressure. This is vital for cars running boost levels that are higher than the factory sensor can accurately measure. Unlike some sensors, the COBB 4-Bar MAP sensor allows the ECU to retain it's error reporting ability and will illuminate a DTC if an error is detected.


NOTE: Custom Tuning REQUIRED to safely utilize the COBB Subaru 4-Bar MAP Sensor.



Most Subarus are equipped with either a 2.5 or 3 bar MAP sensor from the factory which allows accurate reading up to either 21.5psi or 28.8psi (respectively). For vehicles targeting boost values higher than that, an upgraded sensor is required.



  • Plug and Play Sensor
  • Allows for Running Higher Boost Pressures
  • Accurately Measures up to 4.0 Bar
  • Retains OEM Sensor DTC Detection Capability